Biometric Cards for Identity and Access Management

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Finally, no more credential sharing with biometric technology!
Biometrics is the future of employee cards.

Linxens provides application developers with an SDK to accompany them transform their existing PIN-protected applet into a biometric-enabled component.

  • Same security level as 4-digit PIN with stronger user authentication.
  • More convenience for the employees as there are no more PIN codes to enter.
  • Compatible with existing infrastructures
        - Contact readers for logical access control
        - Contactless readers for physical access control.

Key Features

  • Secure identify verification without credentials.
  • Finger print ‘match-on-card’ verification  (< 1.3 sec)
  • Available in dual interface or contactless


  • On the go verification
  • Uses existing reader equipment, without need for further investment
  • Uses passive technology, therefore no battery needed.

Deliverables and Sample Requests

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Discover other applications of Biometric Cards

Linxens partners with global Card Makers providing them with full connectivity technology & enabling them to scale-up to industrial level production of biometric cards.

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