Biometric Cards for eGovernment

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Biometrics is the future of citizen and ID cards

  • Linxens BioLAM® provides citizens an even more personal ID.
  • Biometrics provides reliable authentication notably for social benefits collection and distribution.
  • Identity of the cardholder can be verified online as well as offline.
  • Biometric matching is analyzed on the card. The degree of match is processed between two biometric signatures, one collected at the biometric enrollment stage and the other collected at the biometric verification or identification stage.
  • Data compliance with user privacy regulations such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Key Features

  • Secure identify verification without credentials.
  • Fingerprint ‘match-on-card’ verification  (< 1.3 sec)
  • Available in dual interface or contactless


  • On the go verification
  • Uses existing reader equipment, without need for further investment
  • Uses passive technology, thus no battery needed

Design-in Process, Deliverables and Sample Requests

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Discover other applications of Biometric Cards

Linxens partners with global Card Makers providing them with full connectivity technology & enabling them to scale-up to industrial level production of biometric cards.