Biometric Cards

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Linxens technology is paving the way for mass deployment of biometric cards.

Biometric cards are new generation cards, switching from a 4 PIN digit user authentication to a full personal digital identification. The user’s fingerprint is instantly matched through contact or contactless technology, leading the way for Biometric Cards to ensure seamless identification and secure transactions regardless of its amount.

Linxens’ unique inlay technology allows all required components of the card to be embedded and interconnected on all types of connecting elements. Linxens also provides the technology which makes the fingerprint sensor fully compatible with smart card requirements.


Discover the different applications of Biometric Cards

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Why organizations and consumers are embracing biometrics?

Biometric card is CONVENIENT

  • No more PIN code to remember

Biometric card is SECURE

  • Fingerprint data is stored on the card and matched inside the secure element
  • Fingerprint authentication is as secure as PIN code validation

Biometric card is PERSONAL

  • Protection against fraudulent use of lost or stolen card
Linxens partners with global Card Makers providing them with full connectivity technology & enabling them to scale-up to industrial level production of biometric cards.
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Linxens BioLAM®
Key enabler for mass production of biometric smart cards

  • BioLAM® enables all required electronic and connectivity components to be embedded and interconnected inside the biometric card.
  • Card bodies can then be designed from connected components using standard hot lamination machines.
  • Card bodies are transformed into cards by means of milling and implanting the ISO connector and fingerprint sensor using standard implant machines.
  • BioLAM® is compatible with dual interface and contactless cards.

Linxens provides the connectivity technology enabling the fingerprint sensor connections to be fully compatible with existing smart card manufacturing machines.

What's inside a reliable biometric card?  

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A fingerprint sensor packaged on a 35mm BioTAPE® substrate solution designed to be embedded on card bodies using standard machines. To discover the BioTAPE®'s key features and specifications, download the datasheet here. Current release and available offering from Linxens is the FPC T-Shape®

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Linxens BioLAM® for SPM60 enables mass production of fingerprint smart cards providing a fully industrialized & ready-to-use solution. 
BioLAM® is a turnkey bundle PRELAM® for dual interface biometric smart card. This product enables card makers to manufacture DI biometric cards using their own standard hot lamination process and embedding machines.

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Linxens delivers standard reel-to-reel ISO connectors leveraging the standard mill and implant machines. To meet the different requirements of Clients, Linxens designs and manufactures different types of plating finishing for the connector: NXT-DS Pd Gen3, NXT-DSA, NXT-DSB for dual-interface payment cards. Etched logos, colored tapes and modules are customized solutions to help Clients differentiate from other businesses. 


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Biometric Insights

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How can your fingerprint data be as secure as your 4-digit PIN?
As for all biometric systems, the quality of a biometric smart card is based on two characteristics: False Rejection Rate (FRR) and False Acceptance Rate (FAR).

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Purchase anything from anywhere in the world with the convenience of Contactless Biometric Payment Card
For over a decade now, EMV contact payment has been providing a universal and interoperable payment experience in which people can buy anything from anywhere in the world.

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How will biometric payment overcome consumer fears over privacy and contactless?
This presentation will introduce biometrics, compare various biometric systems implementations, and user privacy protection levels, as well as examine the regulatory compliance requirements such as EU's GDPR.


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