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Linxens technology is paving the way for mass deployment of biometric cards.

Verifying the identity of a cardholder is a major challenge for organizations, including retailers and government agencies, with PIN codes being the traditional method of authentication. At the same time, contactless payments are booming, bringing more convenience for consumers and allowing much faster transactions for retailers.

Biometric cards are new generation cards, switching from a 4 PIN digit user authentication to a full personal digital identification.

The user’s fingerprint is instantly matched through contact or contactless technology, leading the way for Biometric cards to ensure seamless and secure transactions, regardless of its amount.

Linxens’ unique inlay technology allows all the required components for this new generation of cards to be embedded and interconnected on all types of connecting elements.
Additionally, Linxens provides the technology which makes the fingerprint sensor fully compatible with smartcard requirements.

Along with the retail sector, the cards are also ideal for the Financial Services, eGovernment and Access Control markets.


  • Technological advancements keep evolving especially in the banking sector where biometry is being increasingly used by consumers who are searching for the highest level of security possible in terms of authentication
  • Secured authentication is important for banks, government agencies, retailers, in order to verify the identity of cardholders


  • High security due to physical card holder verification
  • Increased layer of protection against fraud
  • Improved convenience factor for the user (no PIN, increased transaction limits, reduction of cross boarder transaction declines
  • Differentiation / top-of-wallet for the issuer

Product Description

  • Integrated biometric sensor in ISO card (capacitive or thermal technology)
  • Main components: sensor, MCU, SE, contact-plate, RF-antenna (battery)
  • Powered via “contact” or “RF”
  • Fingerprint template of the cardholder stored on the card
  • Matching in secure element (SE) or MCU
  • No changes in the existing EMV POS infrastructure

BioTape: Biometric fingerprint sensor for contactless payment cards

  • Download BioTape's datasheet
  • Compatible with worldwide standard card integration process
  • Thin tape and homogenous substrate for most efficient reading
  • Black coverlay for great resistance against deterioration
  • Plated Via to enable good referencing and ESD protection
  • Delivered in standard smartcard 35mm reels
  • Available for Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF) connectivity
  • Integrates in PRELAM® products employing wire-embedding technology or flexible PCB interlayer

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