Biometric card for physical access control

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Secure Access Control with Biometric Cards : Unlock a world of secure convenience

In today's rapidly evolving world, ensuring the utmost security and convenience in access control systems is paramount in various sectors, including industries, healthcare, and government facilities. The adoption of biometric technologies is revolutionizing this field by offering exceptional security measures and unparalleled convenience.
By leveraging Linxens' expertise, control access systems can benefit from advanced authentication technology to ensure secure and efficient access to physical areas. Linxens' biometric fingerprint cards offer a robust and reliable solution for organizations seeking to enhance their physical access control systems with biometric capabilities.

Enhanced Security with Linxens Biometric Cards

Combining Linxens' expertise in smart card solutions with advanced biometric features, these cards offer unparalleled security compared to traditional existing solutions. They provide unique authentication based on an individual's biometric traits which is the fingerprint. 

These biometric features based directly on the card, offers several advantages:

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Security: Identity confirmation is achieved through a unique biometric trait, ensuring a higher level of security compared to traditional methods. This level of authentication accuracy ensures that only authorized individuals gain access to secured areas, minimizing the risk of unauthorized entry.

Convenience: Individuals can quickly and effortlessly verify their identity by placing their finger on the card, as simple as with standard cards, no need to change their habits. No need to invest in a new access control infrastructure to allow biometric security the biometric card can be adapted to existing systems

Data Protection: Biometric fingerprint cards provide unparalleled authentication accuracy and offer the advantage of on-card data storage, this eliminates the need for centralized databases or external systems to hold sensitive information, fully compliant with General Data Protection Regulations

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Linxens Biometric cards find application in various sectors that require robust physical access control measures:

Government Facilities: Military bases, government buildings, and airports demand stringent security measures, making biometric fingerprint cards an ideal solution.

Sensitive Industries: Research labs, nuclear sites, and chemical industries require high-level security to safeguard their operations and sensitive information.

Hospital Facilities: Healthcare institutions, with access to patient information, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment, can benefit from biometric access control for enhanced security


How do Biometric Access Card work?

Enrollment: the first step is to enroll an individual's biometric data (their fingerprint) into the biometric access card which is then recorded as a digital template. This step is performed as a one-time process by the organization at the reception desk during the issue of the access card, and it does not need to be repeated afterwards.

Biometric data Storage: The digital template derived from the fingerprint enrollment is stored within the card itself. The card's embedded microprocessor chip holds the template securely, ensuring that it cannot be easily accessed or manipulated.

Authentication Process: When the individual wants to gain access to secured area, they present their biometric access card near a card reader. The captured fingerprint is compared against the stored digital template stored within the card, If the two match the authentication is successful, and access is granted. If there is insufficient similarity, access is denied.


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Unlock a world of secure convenience with Linxens Biometric Cards. Take the next step towards enhanced access control.

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