Access Control

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Complying with increased security measures and ensuring the security of their premises are growing challenges for all organizations – and the latest technology of access credentials is part of the solution.
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Linxens supports companies and government agencies to control access to buildings (physical access) and IT infrastructures (logical access), offering security for the organization and a seamless experience for employees.

Maintaining security at any location requires a layered approach, based on a combination of technology and people. Access cards for employees and contractors have an important role to play in ensuring that security offers a convenient, effective level of control - along with a record of movements. Cards can be tailored for a multitude of accesses, such as main entrances, the use of elevators and to designated areas within a building.

For cardholders, the focus is on the ease-of-use and a hassle-free journey to their destination.

With Linxens technology, organizations can provide cards that deliver real control over access, while making the experience quick, easy and reassuring to employees.
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Broad Portfolio

The Linxens portfolio offers the broadest range of inlays, ISO cards, clamshell cards, key fobs, tags, wristbands, and labels. The RFID antennas used in these products are available in all current frequency standards (LF, HF, and UHF).
Linxens Prelam and standard ISO cards – i.e. prior to printing and branding – capitalize on the company’s experience in manufacturing, resulting in outstanding quality which leads to customer satisfaction.

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Specialty cards

In addition to the standard portfolio, Linxens can also meet demands for requests of special form factors. Composite white cards are manufactured with a PVC core surrounded by durable PET layers and PVC overlay, offering a higher level of mechanical and thermal resistance. For high security environments, Dual Interface Cards offer both contact and contactless interfaces, bringing U.S. Government specifications into the commercial market. With access control customization, Linxens can offer value added services, such as programming and branding if required.