Linxens has in-depth knowledge of the telecom ecosystem: we understand your needs, we can help you turn the challenges of transition into opportunities.

    Regardless of market expectations, we offer tailored solutions to satisfy all SIM format requirements. The lowest total cost of ownership with ultimate industrial excellence. Our Zero Defect mindset and high quality production standards will boost your capacities and efficiency.


    Mini-SIM and Micro-SIM solutions

    A universal design suitable for most chips used in mini-SIM (2FF) and micro-SIM (3FF)

    For mini and micro-SIM, we have created and developed a specific design without cavity, suitable for most chips designed for SIM applications.

    Butterfly solutions for further optimization  

    For mobile network operators looking for further optimized SIM solutions, we have developed our Butterfly design: excellent cost optimization with an attractive appearance for SIM cards.

    Simplicity: Testing and launching new SIM products is safe and easy because our engineers anticipate technical constraints at every stage of product development

    Reliability: Process stability and product reliability are ensured with the Linxens zero defect program used in all our plants worldwide

    Customization: With our customized designs, we support our customers in specific projects with professional advice and fast prototyping


    NanoSIM and “3-IN-1” solutions


    What comes next? Optimizing SIM platforms!

    Linxens proposes a unique design, suitable for efficient “3-in-1” SIM cards that combines all SIM formats in one card and optimizes SIM management. 

    Reliability: Our spotted cavity allows module packagers to easily produce a reliable SIM card module that satisfies the thickness requirements of a nano-SIM or “3-in-1” module, without using chip grinding.

    Efficiency: With the “3-in-1” SIM card your customers, the mobile operators, will use one SIM format for all handsets. It will allow them to optimize their SIM logistics (easier logistic process, lower stock and lower cost).