Quality management and strategy

Here at Linxens, quality management is at the heart of both our culture and our manufacturing expertise. This translates not only into processes and rules, but is also deeply engrained in the mentality of our employees: we satisfy our customers’ expectations, ensuring the highest levels of reliability with a zero defect target.

The aim of the Linxens Zero Defect program is to constantly improve the quality standard we operate for product reliability and consistency. Operating in conjunction with the Linxens Lean Manufacturing program, key features of the Zero Defect program include significant investments in automated fault detection solutions for production lines. We work alongside our customers to carry out detailed in-field investigations on product performance, and we provide expert guidance on best practices.

Overall improvements already observed with the Zero Defect program have led to:

a 50% reduction in customer complaints within two years

significant improvements in the corrosion resistance of smart card connectors

Standards and certifications

Linxens operates to the highest level of quality standards.

ISO/TS 16949 v2009 is typically associated with the automotive industry. It addresses and supports all processes associated with manufacturing excellence, including purchasing, R&D and project management. By pursuing this demanding standard, we demonstrate our desire to remain ahead of the curve in meeting the requirements of the smart card connector market.

Our products comply with, or even exceed, the strict standards of the industry, notably: ISO TS / ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 18001.


Our commitment to quality enabled us to receive prestigious awards reflecting our quality achievements :

NXP Best Supplier Award 2 years in a row

Datang best supplier 2014 prize