Supervisory board

Linxens’ main shareholders:

Majority shareholder: CVC Capital Partners, Europe’s n°1 private equity firm 

Minority shareholder: Astorg Partners, a French private equity firm and managers investors

Amedeo d’Angelo / Chairman of the Supervisory Board


Amedeo D’Angelo is Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Linxens Holding since 2013 where he contributed strongly to its development through strategic acquisition and strong market positioning.

He has contributed to the growth of the Smart Card Industry for 12 years being President of Gemalto, Oberthur and Incard between 1990 and 2003.

Amedeo started his career in Semiconductors working for 13 years with companies such as AMD and Samsung for which he managed the whole European Market.

He then spent 14 years in the smart card industry, in various senior management positions covering post as CEO of the Ingenico Group, Mobileway and Intelcav.



Management Team


Christophe Duverne / Chief Executive Officer

Christophe has been President and Chief Executive Officer of Linxens since October 2011 when he successfully led the spin out of FCI’s Microconnections Divison from the FCI Group.

Under his leadership, Linxens revenue grew from 150M€ to more than 500M€, through a combination of organic growth and multiple acquisitions.

He was formerly Corporate Vice-President and General Manager of FCI Microconnections.

Christophe has more than 25 years’ experience in the electronics industry. He worked in a variety of senior management positions for more than 10 years at NXP Semiconductors (previously Philips Semiconductors). From 2006 to 2009, Christophe was Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Identification Business Unit at NXP Semiconductors.






Arnaud Brunetière / Senior Vice President Operations

Arnaud has been in charge of Linxens’ Group Operations since October 2012.

He has spent more than 16 years in the industry, including in the automotive sector at Valeo, in roles such as Production Supervisor, Lean Manager, Production Line Manager and Plant Director, and then at Tenesol, where he was Industrial Operations Director. Arnaud has a strong international background; during his career, he has worked in Spain, the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom.


Dominique Cavalié / Senior Vice President Human Resources and Communications

Dominique has been Vice President of Human Resources and Communications since 2013.

His experience spans more than 20 years in HR roles. He essentially sets up HR programs based on open dialog, employee involvement and business expertise development.
He began his career with the Elior Group, a world leader in catering. Afterwards, his career path led him to the food retailing (La Martiniquaise), agri-food (Bolton, Sofiproteol) and chemicals (Rhodia) industries.

Cuong Duong / Chief Financial Officer

Cuong is the Chief Financial Officer at Linxens. He is also in charge of IT. Cuong worked previously at FCI, where he was Corporate Vice President and Group Controller, from 2007.

Prior to that, he held senior financial positions at Faurecia, Western Union International, Schlumberger (Axalto) and Philip Morris/Kraft General Foods. Cuong has more than twenty years’ international experience, and nearly 10 years’ in the smart card industry.


Eric Eymard / Senior Vice President Lighting

Eric was appointed Senior Vice President of the Lighting BU in 2017.

He was formerly the Linxens Vice President for Business Development since 2014. He started his career in 1995 as Technical Director, before becoming Plant Director for an industrial group specialized in surface treatments in the electronics sector. He also set up a PCB manufacturing factory in Tunisia. In 2008, he joined the Interplex group to develop its smart card connector business in a subsidiary called Microtech. As the co-founder of Microtech left, he held the position of General Manager from 2008 to 2014.

Laurent Lafargue / Senior Vice President SCS (Smart Connect Solutions)

Laurent was appointed Senior Vice President of the SCS BU in 2017.

He was formerly Vice President for the Europe and North America region ifrom 2014 to 2017 and Linxens Sales Manager Europe from 2010 to 2013. Prior to joining Linxens (FCI Microconnections), Laurent spent 11 years with Infineon, where he started as a Field Sales Engineer for the automotive segment. As a Key Account Manager, in charge of the Gemalto, Oberthur and Morpho accounts at the European level, Laurent gained extensive knowledge of the smart card industry. Laurent has more than 15 years’ expertise in the electronics industry.

Ralf Henn / Senior Vice President e-Government

Ralf was appointed Senior Vice President of the Government BU in 2014, and has been involved in the card and RFID industry for 20 years. 

Prior to joining Linxens, his experiences included working as Project Leader at Lucchesi S.P.A. (Italy) between 2000-2003, with Multipolaris as regional head of system integration for national ID projects from 2003 to 2006, and then various senior roles within Smartrac Linxens from 2006 onwards. 





Thomas Hitzer / Senior Vice President FTA (Finance Transport Access)

Thomas has been appointed Excecutive VP of the BU FTA in 2011. He spent 25 years in the RFID industry  starting  in the semiconductor business with chip producers Temic and Atmel developing the RFID business also in the US where he resided as well . He held various   senior positions in transponder manufacturer Sokymat S.A. Switzerland and became CEO of KSW microtec in 2007 which he successfully run until  KSW microtec was taken over by  Smartrac  in 2011. He took over the business unit FTA as member of Smartracs  group executive team. 

Arnaud Lay / General Counsel

Arnaud joined LINXENS in January 2016.

Arnaud has a master’s degree in international business lawyer. He started his career in the Pechiney group and then joined Materis group where he has held the function of Director of Legal Affairs since 2002.