Linxens proposes Chip On Flex and Chip On Board lighting solutions for multiple applications


The COF module (Chip On Flex) is a flexible LED module with a linear source which fits the mechanical specifications of all general lighting products (geometry, design…) and can be used in tubes, triproofs, panels or rulers…

The COF technology enables to develop a simple structure without soldering, easy to integrate and with efficient heat transfer. With an optimal luminous efficacy, the COF module is the innovative solution for all lighting needs. Produced in reel to reel, the COF solution is adaptable to all lengths.




The COB module (Chip On Board) is a LED structure directly built on the tape. LED chips are packaged together as one lighting module and encapsulated directly on the same point.


This integrated package allows an efficient heat transfer that means a much higher efficiency rate and lower failure rates. Our COB are produced in reel to reel, in a wide range of sizes and efficiencies and can be integrated in all lighting devices.








The ring light module is a circular LED solution which can be used in several applications as phone and camera  (flash) or microscope (binometric lamp).

With a very low thickness (from 1.5mm), Linxens' ringlight enables to reach high quality illumination in the near field and could be placed around every optical systems.  


Light uniformity, color temperature,  flux and illuminance can be adjusted  according to customer request. Additionally, an optical systems can be molded directly on the ring device and different LED wavelength can be used (UV, visible, Infra-red…).

For specific applications, waterproofing can be added thanks to a special over-molding.