Linxens is the partner you need to take advantage of all EMV migration opportunities!

From Europe to China and across the US, our teams are dedicated to providing you with the most reliable solutions for securing intensive payment use.

Linxens has a complete payment portfolio, capable of answering every need in banking applications worldwide. 



Contact Payment

In a world where enhanced security for payment transactions is now an essential requirement, EMV has become the de facto standard.

Linxens solutions clearly exceed these standards, but do not compromise on quality, providing the highest level of reliability and performance in the industry.

Reliability: Process stability and product reliability, considerably improving yield with the Linxens Zero Defect program used in all our plants worldwide

Customization: A wide range of cosmetic appearances and various value-added customization features allow your customers to really stand out! 


    Dual/contactless payment

    Contactless technology: for a payment experience that is faster, more convenient, particularly for small transactions!

    Linxens has been pioneering dual solutions for more than a decade: we have built up partnerships with all the key players in the implementation of the EMV standard. Our products have high performances in terms of contact life expectancy, and have best-in-class RF performance – as defined in the ISO/IEC 14443 standards. 

    For both pure contactless and dual-interface cards, Linxens offers next generation solutions with optimized chips and operating systems, providing high level security and enhanced RF performances and transaction times.

    Build your card with no constraints: 

    Linxens smart card components and dual interface inlays cover all chip assembly and antenna connection technology, and are suitable for any bank card configuration

    Your business is guaranteed thanks to our three sister plants with high production capacities and the ability to adapt to fluctuations in demand

    Our expertise at your disposal: guided by our R&D experts and field application engineers, our solutions are built on extensive experience and strong partnerships in module and card processes



      Payment wearables

        The rise in mobile payments has coincided with increasing use of wearable devices. We offer turnkey solutions for wearable payment projects. We have:

        Significant expertise in the design and manufacture of small form factors

        High performance antennas that satisfy stringent mechanical and thermal requirements

          Our product range covers the best of copper-wired and copper-etched inlays to suit your requirements.