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A complete range of Antennas & Inlays components ensuring superior performance and reliability for high-volume RFID applications.

Linxens has an extensive portfolio of Antennas and Inlays. From our flagship PRELAM® inlay to the EMV-compliant wire embedded booster antenna such as PROCOIL Inductive Coupling, Linxens combines performance with reliability in mass volumes capabilities. Linxens is able to produce copper etched antennas, coil winding antennas or wire-embedded antennas to enable different RFID solutions.

Antennas & Inlays : Our expertise centers

Dresden - Germany

  • Active since: 2002
  • People working: 150
  • Certifications:
    EAL6 - ISO 9001:2015 - ISO 14001:2015 - FSC
  • Products: Inlays, Cards, Personalization
  • Capacity per year: 264 Million units

Ängelolm - Sweden

  • Active since: 2015
  • People working: 80
  • Certifications:
    ISO 9001:2015 - ISO 14001:2015 - ISO 13485:2016
  • Products: Stick to Skin Wearables - Security labels - Track & Trace RFID solutions - Printed and converted functional adhesive labels

Mumbai - India

Ayutthaya 2 - Thailand

Ayutthaya 1 - Thailand

Product Spotlight

RFID UHF Inlays & Tags

Linxens Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Inlay and Tag portfolio covers a wide range of accepted antenna sizes for a large variety of applications offering market-leading performance and fit-forfunction designs.

RFID White Com Card

Linxens White Composite Card broadens the company’s White ISO Card product portfolio by adding a semi-finished card with enhanced temperature resistance. The White  composite Card is manufactured with a PVC core surrounded by durable PET layers and a PVC overlay.

RFID White PVC Card

Linxens White PVC Card is a semi-finished, high-quality product. Leveraging our leading-edge technology and superior production processes, the Linxens White PVC Card offers extended lifespan and excellent electrical performance.

RFID Copper Etched Antennas

Linxens is leading value-added supploer of small copper-etched antennas suitable for applications ranging from luxury consumer product authentification to asset tracking in harsh environnements.


Linxens AFC Token is specially designed as single-journey credential for automated fare collection systems. It combines a reliable and reusable form factor for daily ticketing  applications with a long lifetime.

RFID Antennas

Linxens RFID Antennas are suitable for various applications ranging from consumer product authentication, to harsh environment asset tracking, up to wearable devices with mobile payment. Backed by proven high-quality manufacturing standards.

RFID Clamshell Card

Linxens Clamshell Card is a robust though easy to handle product for access control  pplications. It offers enhanced user convenience for secure access control. Made of hard shell ABS, the contactless card is a robust and durable solution even in harsh environments.

RFID Dual Freq Prelam

Linxens Dual Frequency PRELAM® is ideally suited to hybrid applications such as access control, accommodating the growing demand for RFID transponders with various read-range requirements in the standard card format.

RFID Encoding Services

Linxens offers industry-standard and customer specific Encoding Services such as chip programming or data printing for Low Frequency (LF), High Frequency (HF) and Ultrahigh Frequency (UHF) products. During the manufacturing process, those products are encoded to activate specific chip functionalities.

RFID HeavyLam

The metal credit card answers the call allowing cardholders to bring a little extra gravitas when it comes to paying the bill. To meet consumer needs, Linxens has developed HeavyLAM® bringing innovation for both contact and dual-interface smartcards

RFID HF Inlays & Tags

Linxens High Frequency (HF) Inlay and Tag portfolio covers a wide range of antenna sizes and protocols offering great application flexibility and fitforfunction designs for demanding applications.

RFID Key Fob

Linxens contactless Key Fob is designed for daily use in access control applications such as enterprise security access or hotel access. Its versatile design allows it to fit easily on any  tandard key ring. With its small and robust form factor, Linxens Key Fob is almost

RFID Key Management

Linxens products such as PRELAM® and White Cards that are using a derivative of NXP MIFARE Plus chip family can be enhanced by switching the chip security to a higher level.


Linxens PRELAM® provides card manufacturers with a durable and convenient solution for the manufacture of finished cards. PRELAM® stands for pre-laminated. This means fusing together single layers under pressure and high temperature in special lamination press

RFID Procoil Inlays

Linxens wire-based PROCOIL inlay family, consisting of PROCOIL ZiZa, PROCOIL WM and PROCOIL CuP, provides card producers a durable and convenient solution for the manufacture of finished dual interface cards.

RFID Shieldlam

SHIELDLAM is a PVC-based product with integrated shielding material that demonstrates high performance. It allows the convenience of contactless data transmission in the presence of metal and other materials that normally interfere with RFID reception.

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