Hospitality, Leisure and Entertainment

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RFID technology is taking the paperwork and delays out of people’s leisure activities, while event organizers are benefiting from relevant information about their visitors.
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From marathons to music festivals, Linxens RFID is making it easier to live for the moment.

Faster event access

When it comes to leisure activities, the sooner they start, the better. For music festivals, concerts and other cultural events, people want to spend less time getting in – and more time enjoying the moment. The RFID technology from Linxens enables people to do just that. As a replacement for traditional paper ticketing, RFID tickets or wristbands offer much faster and more secure access to venues. For organizers, the technology allows them to optimize their resources, while providing a smoother, more relaxed arrival for visitors - creating an overall positive experience right from the start.

However, these are not the only benefits of Linxens technology. Payment systems can also be coupled with an RFID device, making life easier for consumers and yielding valuable information for providers about their market. The ability to track people’s movements also makes it possible for organizers to ease congestion and open up new services where they are needed. Theme parks also benefit from such information, along with accurate data on the popularity of each ride or show.


For the hospitality sector, particularly hotels, the combination of access and security is important for both business efficiency and well-being of guests. Access cards based on RFID technology from Linxens provide a guarantee of reliable, trouble-free access to rooms – configurable for a range of different permission levels – from guests to hotel manager. Compatible with MIFARE standards, the Linxens products for its hospitality customers deliver a cost-effective solution with reliable read-range access.

Advanced sports tracking

With hundreds of millions of TV viewers, the stakes could not be higher for high-level sports events such as the Olympic Games. Linxens contributes to the success of Olympics and world championships by providing advanced and reliable sports tracking. A wealth of athletes’ data is captured and transmitted instantly to organizers, meeting the needs of elite-level sports bodies and TV broadcasters.

At the other end of the scale, the growing popularity of city marathons and local running events has also brought Linxens technology to the fore. Timing, with the help of RFID, has a key role to play in helping people to accurately measure their personal goals and achievements. Thanks to Linxens, every runner can count on an accurate race result, split times and, above all, a seamless experience.

Other sports activities are also seeing the potential of this technology. RFID ski passes mean more time on the slopes and less time waiting in line for the lift, while gyms are introducing wristbands that can be read by exercise equipment. Personalized data about performance can be captured and then accessed later by the individual.

Conferences and exhibitions

Whether their subject is professional or personal lifestyle, conference organizers face two key challenges: How can the overall experience be made more enjoyable, and how can the content be kept relevant to visitors? RFID helps to answer both of these questions. Right from the start, registration and access becomes easier with RFID-enabled tickets or tags. By tracking people’s movements, organizers can also identify the most visited stands, the most popular speakers (based on the length of time that people stayed in the room), and the most popular topics, by the size of the initial attendance. All these information will influence organizers’ choices for their future events. Attendees can also be contacted later on about their potential interests based on their time spent at particular stands or events.

To deliver the benefits of its RFID technology, Linxens offers a complete range of wired or etched antennas and inlays.