Application Engineering

We offer our customers a complete set of unique services that cater to their needs and satisfy their specific requests: design, fast prototyping, technical support, closed tools, special orders.



Our custom design portfolio includes services that minimize the time and money needed for the development of new products. With design centers located in both Europe and Asia, customized solutions can be created from a wide range of sources, including simple layouts and CAD and Gerber files.

Our advanced etching technology means that tooling costs are kept to a minimum and changes to existing designs can be made competitively. Customers are thus free to modify their products to comply with various different applications.

We also propose an ‘Open Tool’ approach; ready-made design solutions are available ‘off the shelf’, and only minor modifications are needed to create a market-ready product. 

    Fast prototyping

    The fast prototyping service is available to customers all around the world. It can process complex product designs quickly and efficiently.

    Linxens’ innovative laser technology with strip format ensures that prototypes can now be created faster than ever. 
    - Typical lead times are less than ten days, 
    - this technology eliminates the need for special tooling, thereby keeping set-up charges to a minimum. It utilizes a reel-to-reel process that mirrors Linxens’ production lines, providing customers with a swift and seamless transition to volume manufacturing. 

    Technical support

    Linxens Customer Technical Support is a unique service for our customers, providing them with a point of entry for requests for the creation of new products or modifications to existing products.

    Our highly trained experts and technicians define the design rules adapted to the manufacturing process, the product datasheet, including designs and materials, in close collaboration with the customer. 
    With thorough knowledge of all the products and manufacturing processes, the Customer Technical Support experts help our customers to optimize ownership costs and to integrate our products and services.

    Closed tools

    On request, we can develop unique designs on closed tools, while maintaining high levels of performance and reliability. We are able to accommodate any kind of variation and the contact and bonding sides can be customized separately. 


    Special orders

    Linxens can develop any solutions on flex-etched circuit designs on the various substrates, with a team of process and R&D team members. 

    We can also deliver prototypes in A4 format within 5 working days for simple, single-sided products. 
    We can adapt to any design, plating finish, production format, delivery format or other technical requirements.